We are a nationwide IT recruiting company that focuses on the hiring of specialists in the fields of software engineering, software development, data engineering, and cloud solutions.

We are aware that finding top IT personnel in this cutthroat industry is difficult for every firm. Finding the people our recruiting clients need to keep expanding their businesses is our area of expertise. We locate and connect with top-tier IT experts who are seeking opportunity, advancement, and the appropriate match for their professional objectives.


About Us

We are a Nationwide IT Recruiting Agency specializing in the placement of Software Engineers- backend, frontend, and full stack. We have a comprehensive understanding of a variety of languages, frameworks, databases and platform and we use a 5-step screening process to deliver you the perfect candidate.

iTek Recruiting understands that the competition for top engineering talent has never been more critical. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and you need top IT professionals that have the knowledge and expertise of the latest tech stack to help you advance your company

We have a thorough screening process to vet top candidates and deliver then to organizations quickly.


Our Area of recruiting expertise includes:

Program Languages - Java, Python, C#, C/C++, and JavaScript (HTM/CSS)

Mobile - Android, Kotlin, IOS, Swift and Objective C

Frameworks - Spring/Spring Boot, React, ReactJS, Angular, AngularJS, and Django

Platforms - AWS. Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Windows, Google Cloud and (IOS/Android)

Databases - MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle, MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server

Relationships & Client Support

We build strong relationships and create client support for the long term.

Respect and Integrity

We treat every client, candidate and employee with respect and integrity.

Customer’s Experience

We consistently seek ways to innovate and improve to impact our customer’s experience.

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